Top-10 dog breeds that have most adorable puppies

10. English Bulldog

Bulldog puppies are a popular photo on marketing campaigns and greeting cards. People literally stop on their tracks when they see a bulldog pup. They are small and squat and were initially used by people to compete in a battle called bullbaiting. Also, they used to drive cattle to and from the market. Today they are gentle companions for kids. This kind of dogs are adaptive when it comes to living in the apartment. It has a high sensitivity level and can tolerate being alone so it is suitable for novice people as a pet.
If you have an active social life, the dog will perfectly fit along with your guests as we give it five stars for its friendliness towards strangers. It is gentle towards the family and unlike the bull terrier, we do not associate it with violence and anger. It has high grooming potential with a five star drooling ability by the way. Feed it well and you shall see it gain weight rapidly.

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